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Be used to comes in the morning a cup of milk, but weather is colder and colder, mix again icy milk is so not appropriate, so how to heat is Xian Niu suckled? Of bright grandma heat way is very simple, but the place that has attention of a special need is, heating temperature cannot exorbitant, exorbitant temperature can bring about the lactose cooking in bright grandma, not only reduced originally nutrition, still can have other deputySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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How does milk giving birth to delicacy heat gift is nice

The milk that boil wants to removed due value to must notice, the bovine milk products that buys in bazaar, supermarket commonly, pass manufacturer disinfection, sterilization, it is OK to be bought direct and drinkable, do not need any processing. If be afraid of cool, OK and tepid hind drink again, do not need boil, can withhold the nutrient part of milk better so.

How does milk giving birth to delicacy heat gift is nice

Basically the following kinds heat method:

1, lukewarm leach bubble heats. The dip in putting the milk that pack the Wenshui that does not exceed 50 ℃ directly 5 ~ 10 minutes.

2, with furnace small fireLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Boil. Enter milk boiler inside, boil with slow fire, the edge boils edge agitate, boil to the surfaceFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Gas can, need not boil, 5 minutes can.

3, microwave oven heats. Enter milk microwave oven in special cup, heat 1 minute can.

How does milk giving birth to delicacy heat gift is nice

If be direct,squeeze the bright grandma that come out from milk cow body, must disinfect, must want to heat to boil, the ability after classics disinfection is drinkable.

Milk cannot be fed together with acidity fruit or acidity fruit juice, the protein meeting in milk is metamorphic, the influence digests; to be not fed together with chocolate, the oxalic acid in chocolate can become oxalic acid calcium with calcic union, make calcium cannot be absorbed adequately by human body.

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