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A lot of people eat stew of fabaceous horn potato in regular meeting of northern region classics, but had not eaten fabaceous horn potato to stew nest melon however, fabaceous horn potato and nest melon can be put together, come out not easily tomato patch above all, add againForum of Shanghai night net

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Fabaceous horn is compared on hard, broke many, mouthfeel very lubricious, this moment adds nest melon can use bate beans horn and potato, nest melon is medium at the same time sweet mouthfeel, can mask the peculiar smell in grape beans horn.

 The practice of potato of melon of fabaceous horn nest

Potato beans horn stews the practice measure of nest melon

Stripping and slicing of melon of 1 potato nest.

2 beanses horn is cut paragraph, the scald in putting boiled water is ripe.

3 boiler get angry, oily heat puts Chinese prickly ash to explode sweet.

4 put green to explode sweet.

5 break up into potato and nest melon fry.

6 put right amount salt.

7 add right amount clear water, conflagration of the cap on the lid is boiled, turn small fire stews 10 minutes.

8 put fabaceous role small fire to stew 5 minutes, gallinaceous essence of life is put before giving boiler.

 The practice of potato of melon of fabaceous horn nest

Egg of bittern of carbonado of dried bamboo shoots of edition of the daily life of a family

MaterialA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Steaky pork, dried bamboo shoots, green, ginger, unripe smoke, rock candy (saccharic) , salt, cooking wine, anise


Dried bamboo shoots should shift to an earlier date one day bubble water goes salt, do not do put dish to taste meeting Zuo directly salty!

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
1. heats boiled water, add green paragraph, thick Jiang Pian into boiler, the flesh cuts little place (convenient entrance can) after water of the scald that enter boiler, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall reserves, remove one boiler additionally to use the white egg that boil, the flay after the egg is thoroughlied cook, delimit in egg face a few road junction for fire moment more tasty, reserve next, paragraphs what the dried bamboo shoots with good bubble cuts appropriate entrance is small reserve,

2. heats up stir-fry before stewing of the flesh below boiler to fry, anise is added to enter boiler after, fry to the flesh small yellow, fill piece reserve, abluent fry pan,

3. fries candy color: Heat up boiler, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Cheer, put an oil more, have medium baking temperature, oil is not burned too hotly, put broken crystal sugar (saccharic) which kinds of candy is indifferent to, but should do a bit more brokenly; Next gently agitate, if you are a novice,use small internal heat please, after looking at candy to melt, begin to bubble on fat face, establish at present to want the flesh, break up fry chromatically. The duration of candy masters bad with respect to whole journey small fire, too long can become bitter, the flesh also can send suffering,

4. adds cooking wine, unripe smoke, green ginger, dried bamboo shoots is the same as the flesh one case into boiler stir-fry before stewing fries moment to fill piece,

5. fill the meat that give and the egg that match dish to wrap good skin before together to pour a stockpot together, add boiled water to do not have surfeit material, what if be,have oriented specification is muti_function electric rice cooker is moved to the oldest files (my the oldest files is 35 minutes of tendons of beef) if be moved to flesh of 15 minutes kind chop archives is affirmative won’t tasty, common boiler is stewed according to a hour,

6. time arrives feed material to fall to fry pan entirely, conflagration stops boiling water, enter salt, candy flavor, fill go out

7. although the affiliation of dried bamboo shoots is to alleviate what the flesh tastes is fat but I feel pure carbonado is not quite healthy from beginning to end, take time again I can put Chinese cabbage or fabaceous horn or potato still have wide pink is burned together

 The practice of potato of melon of fabaceous horn nest

Small hang

Before 1. dried bamboo shoots is used must bubble at least one day, otherwise dish of can serious effect savors taste

2. fries candy color, abecedarian uses small internal heat with respect to whole journey, otherwise candy was sufferred from the flesh must be stewed painstakingly again unalterable also

3. adds a hand to rip corner of beans of Chinese cabbage Or paragraph noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch of Or of Or potato place can alleviate fleshy be bored with also lets you this health that the meal has

3. tie-in plain cooked rice is classical money, tie-in egg face, gain a face pretty good, river pink still does not try easily ~

Mom flavourA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
stew fabaceous horn tomato patch


Oily beans horn / or kidney bean 500G


Ginger piece a few

Soya bean sauce 2 spoon

Often smoke partly spoon

Be born draw 2 spoon

Saline a few

Candy 1 spoon

Oil a few

A few of essence of five sachet chicken

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city


Fabaceous horn is abluent go muscle, if too long can break two paragraphs;

Potato is abluent flay, first from the incision intermediate, take out an in part again from the incision intermediate, cut half centimeters next thick thick piece;

Hot pot puts oil less, asperse pink of a few the five spices, wait for 5 issue Jiang Pian into heat, wait for fry a horn of the beans below fragrance;

Fabaceous horn should be as far as possible in boiler lay open, make its even be heated;

Wait for all beans horn to be fried emerald green, go fabaceous part of boiler all around drive, show potato is put among boiler (put too early tomato patch can touch boiler) , continue medium baking temperature breaks up fry;

Wait for potato to also be fried among transparent, issue condiment:

Soya bean sauce 2 spoon; Unripe draw 2 spoon; Saline little (have sauce, put salt less certainly) ; Often draw half spoon; Candy 1 spoon.

Continue to break up after next condiment fry, let all condiment and dish mix even.

the dish level off in boiler, form a plane, enter water, water allows with doing not have dish to be.

Open conflagration to heat water, build boiler shell, turn medium baking temperature is stewed;

Scarcely should reverse the course in boiler during this, make itself stews ability good.

Those who wait for water to stew is about the same, lift a lid to turn conflagration receives juice, involve fire;

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