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Soya bean is to be able to treat constipation of this kind of symptom, because soya bean is to be able to be improved,basically be of intestines and stomach digest and the peristalsis that stimulative bowel, this can treat constipation namely, but costive case is more severe, still need to pass those who take drug. Soya bean is dividedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
remedial constipation still can rise to reduce braveryForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Sterol and the action that protect cerebrum, the symptom to improving the turn of life is very good, it is OK at ordinary times to suggest everybody is in proper edible.

Soya bean treats constipation

The health care of soya beanForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

Reduce cholesterol

Rich soja is contained in soya bean prandial fiber, it can reduce human body to promote its to excrete to the absorption of cholesterol, reduce haemal cholesterol level thereby.

Improve alvine line function, precaution constipation

Water is contained in soya bean revive the soja such as candy, melitose is low get together candy, human body of this kind of candy is absorbed hard, but can be used by the Shuang Qi bacili in alvine path, make the beneficial bacterium inside body rapid and proliferous, optimize alvine path bacterium group, improve function of intestines and stomach, still can enhance alvine path peristalsis at the same time, prevent constipation.

Soya bean treats constipation

Protective cerebra

Soya bean contains a kind of fat kind material — soja phosphatide, it is the bases of biomembrane, and the lecithin in soja phosphatide is the nerve nutriment with cerebrum significant growth, so soya beanForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Very beneficial to cerebrum health, still can prevent senile and gawkish disease.

Improve the turn of life symptom

A kind of phenol is contained in soya bean kind material — soja different yellow ketone, also call a plant estrogen, it can adjust human body to the hormone inside is secreted and metabolize, improve woman the turn of life thereby the estrogen inside body secretes disorder symptom.

Soya bean treats constipation

Raise immunitySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

If human body lacks albumen to be able to appear easy exhaustion, immune force issues demote symptom. Soya bean contains a lot ofa plant high grade protein, its protein content is porky 3 times, 2.5 times taller than the egg, the compositive scale of amino acid also is close to human body need more, digest more easily, element has ” plant flesh ” say, consequently, eat soya bean not only OK and compensatory protein, return the problem that need not fear cholesterol is elevatory.

The United States is white protect skin

Japan has research discovery, the synthesis that the linoleic acid that contains in soya bean can restrain the melanin in the skin andLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Ad cool-headed, have the beautiful white effect that protect skin.

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