The triumph after Istanbul surpasses number one seed to swallow an egg carries promotion of the champion that defend crown


Log onto the triumph after registering Istanbul of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian to surpass number one seed to swallow an egg to carry source of promotion of the champion that defend crown: W2017-04-27 15:3 of net of TA Chinese officialEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

Si Wei of number one seed holds Rena in the palm

Turkey, istanbul – local time on April 26, cup of Istanbul of bank of TEB BNP Paris proceed, although the 2nd dish swallows an egg,Si Wei of number one seed holds Rena in the palm, but in decide the issue of the battle dish adjust good position in time, final with 6-4, 0-6, the comes from Russia than gram of component of force qualification of 6-1 surpasses player Kamensikaya to promote the 2nd round.


the match begins, siweituolina is heated up a little slow, serve in the 2nd take the lead in be being defeated in the bureau. But advantage of this broken hair blocks Mensikaya to return the heat that do not have warm up, russia girl is in subsequently one bureau also desertioned oneself serve bureau. After getting used to the match rhythm on field, siweituolina falls 4 minutes to be defeated once more continuously in the 6th bureau hair is procurable, exceed bureau of a broken hair instead lead dominant position. Although lag behind on score, but Kamensikaya makes seed of date of scale on the right track quite tenacious also. The 8th bureau, russia girl issues experience risk reach a standard to be protected successfully in the situation that faces adversary to break hair point 3 times hair. Next she captured opportunity of the 2nd broken hair to capture instead in the 9th bureau of the 上海贵族宝贝论坛

other side serve bureau, the both sides after broken hair returned same scratch l爱上海同城

ine to go up again. The 10th bureau, bilateral contention is very intense. Si Wei connects 3 minutes on Tuolina, took 3 broken hair to nod namely check opportunity. Nevertheless Kamensikaya defeats 3 hair dot to be dissolved one by one. Later, black overcomes Lan Ren to take broken hair 3 times to nod again, regret is or did not succeed. Final Siweituolina points out to just take this hardly one minute to issue a dish first thereby now in the 7th broken hair.

Kamensikaya launched violent storm in the 2nd dish, 6 bureaus fall to pull continuously after finishing broken hair 3 times at a dash answer a dish. Enter decide the issue of the battle dish h爱上海同城

ind, siweituolina has adjusted position in time, will defeated hair awe twice to live continuously on adversary. Two people are in later the 5th exchanged with the 6th bureau serve bureau, final Siweitulina took the 3rd dish of lock to decide with 6-1 get the better of bureau.

“I since the condition after arriving here not be very good, my body gave some of issue, than be better than Cheng Zhonghui feels giddy. ” Siweituolina is explaining the 2nd dish fast the say when defeating a reason, “My condition in match process rises and fall very big, still won finally fortunately nevertheless, I am very happy. And I feel I am won last dishes very strong. And I feel I am won last dishes very strong..

Below one round, siweituolina will meet Romanian player Ka Dan head-on to pursue.

In another argue, ka Kai of hard gold of cloth of the native land player, champion that defend crown promotes smoothly also, she falls continuously two dishes with 6-2, 6-1 beat Zaniefusika, in be oneself to be surpassed in WTA female Chanzheng 9 defeated a picture to go up repeatedly full stop.

“The home town match that returns oneself I am very happy, very excited also. ” after Ka Kai wins victory, cloth hard gold is accepting the say when interviewing, “I am very glad to can have a good beginning, this is very important to me. Today’s audience is very marvellous, I am very happy can promote below one爱上海同城论坛

round. I am very happy can promote below one round..

In hard gold of the c爱上海同城

loth in this match Ka Kai altogether lost to serve only bureau, in the other side serve broken hair was finished 5 times in the bureau, when whole match is used. Zaniefusika is developed in hair ball section is not very good, whole match appeared in all 6 double by accident, one hair notchs rate for 53% , 2 hair notch rate it is only 28% .

“In the match of such level, what kind of situation happens possibly, so I go all out each minutes very fiercely. A few bureaus are hit very intensely, so I am preoccupied ground is being hit each minutes. I feel actual to the match wants it seems that than score intense much. I feel actual to the match wants it seems that than score intense much..

Below one round, ka Kai of cloth hard gold holds the good friend that meets his head-on concurrently Ba Bosi of 2 doubles partner, seeds. Latter is in first-run match with 6-3, class of Lin Jin of 6-2 Wan Shengpei.

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