Petrifaction is stationed in in Indonesian does tall canal meet with Interpol assist check? Petrifaction responds to in: Have not get a bulletin


The report said British Reuter on March 21, indonesian police expressed that day, should Indone上海千花网论坛

sian authorities requirement,爱上海龙凤419桑拿

interpol is petro-chemical to China already group company (the petrifaction in abbreviation) 3 when accredit place tall canals issue gules bulletin, they are suspected of be involved in and this company be in Indonesian the con case related project of a 800 million much dollar. 21 days of evening, petrifaction is in in send ” round-the-world times ” say in the response, have not get gules bulletin of Interpol up to now.

Install a tower to pull news agency to report according to Indonesian government, this incident is involved in petrifaction is in Ba Dancang of Indonesian large investment project store project. This project is located in Liao Neiqun island to save cling to garden of industry of weak island confect, include crude oil and oil to taste dock of storage facilities, form a complete set to wait. As we have learned, the experience thing that intermediary place says outside person the relevant administrator of company of heart of coronal of enterprise of subordinate of petrifaction of combination of the petrifaction in be.

Indonesian respect is occupied saying put forward to assist application to Interpol on Feb上海千花网

urary 21. Indonesian mainstream media ” compass signs up for ” report, coronal heart company is had cling to weak project the equity of 95% , the others 5% by Indonesian place a company is had. Insular police suspects Liao Neiqun, the company restrains 1.5 million dollar by 3 people divert, local police already labelled them a few days ago suspect. Reuter says, gules bulletin is top level alarm of Interpol上海贵族宝贝

, the requirement is searched and detain the individual that awaits extradite temporarily. But it is not international is arrested your, interpol cannot ask member country arrests the individual that is reported by aglow color.

The report of the intermediary outside be aimed at, in 爱上海同城

petrifaction is in 21 days send ” round-the-world times ” say in the response, up to now, associated petrifaction and company of subordinate coronal heart did not receive gules bulletin of Interpol, also did not discover on Interpol website the red that partial media place weighs is reported. As cling to the investment of weak project square, company of heart of coronal of associated petrifaction subordinate is checking pertinent information.

” compass signs up for ” say, besides this case, the Indonesian place company that owns share points to say, coronal heart company still violates shareholder agreement, try one-sided is entrusted in petrifaction and its subsidiary become Ba Dancang store the total contractor of equipment. Petrifaction is in in send ” round-the-world times ” say in the response, indonesian cling to weak project is the main item that combines petrifaction to invest construction in southeast Asia area. The project advances a process in, coronal heart company and local partner produce business affairs issue with respect to the project, but settling business affairs dispute through normal law approach.

” compass signs up for ” the report says, because this project is in backwater condition before this, indonesian government establishs working party to undertake investigating then. Working party discovery, project backwater is suspected of breaking the law with 3 people about, and police of place of findings report pass on. This brings about coronal heart company to leave cling to weak island, make project foreground more unidentified. Ba Ya of assistant group leader of Indonesian government working party says, hope police headquarters take-overs this case is sought settle way. But Indonesian Telisha overcomes Du Le of A Bo of expert of law of university of the base of a fruit to think, working party should settle investment case with commercial approach.

In petrifaction emphasizes 21 days, associated petrifaction and company of subordinate coronal heart hold all along hold close plan is legal management concept. Be in cling to in the co新上海贵族宝贝论坛

llaboration of weak project, the company insists to close legally from beginning to end compasses manage. To any behavior that damage company allowable profit, carry reservation the right that legal approach solves.

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